The Finest Option To Tackle Rising Damp

The Finest Option To Tackle Rising Damp

Whenever rising damp is identified, it's critical to have the situation accurately handled, as failure to take action can cause a great deal of damage and devaluation to any property, not to mention the health dangers concerned, like asthma. It's not enough to simply cowl up the issue with a particular paint in the hope that the issue will go away. Only by stopping the dampness rising up the wall in the first place can rising dampness be adequately contained.

Chemical Treatments

Up till now, the most broadly employed method of attaining this has been to inject water-repellent fluids into the wall beneath pressure. Though this method has confirmed to be effective, it is identified to have a number of disadvantages; for example, it introduces massive amounts of liquid service into the wall, prolonging the drying out period. The method can also be very slow and operator dependent.

The Dryzone System is fast, clean and effective.

Dryzone is a revolutionary new material for the control of rising damp treatment leeds damp. Dryzone comes in the form of a water-repellent cream packed in a 600ml foil cartridge to minimise environmental impact. The Dryzone cream is introduced by means of a simple applicator gun into a sequence of holes drilled into the mortar course. Once the Dryzone is put in, it uses the moisture contained in the damp wall to diffuse the place it is most needed before curing to type a water-repellent resin

Dryzone has many benefits over typical chemical injection programs:

· Straightforward to put in - much less scope for operator error. No "double drilling".
· Concentrated formulation (over 60% energetic ingredient) - doesn't introduce massive volumes of liquid provider into the wall.
· Low hazard - non-caustic, non-flammable not injected underneath pressure.
· Spillage and mess nearly eradicated - no issues with fluid flooding through party walls.
· Consistent utility rate - straightforward to estimate the quantity of fabric that will likely be required.
· Does not require an electric DPC pump - can be utilized in situations the place power isn't available.

Superior Efficiency

Dryzone is the result of an in depth in-house research and growth programme. This concerned the screening and testing of hundreds of potential formulations.

These exams demonstrate that Dryzone provides a better degree of protection towards rising damp than the chemical injection systems that it has now replaced.
Affirmation of Dryzones efficacy is the Agrëment Board Certificate No 97/3363 awarded for software in each stone and brick construction.

Your Guarantee

The Dryzone system is recognised by each the Assure Protection Trust (GPT) and the Property Assure Association (PGA) as an acceptable method of rising damp treatment. The GPT and PGA are the trade leaders within the professionalvision of independent, lengthy-time period guarantee insurance for remedial treatments.

The Environment

Dryzone was designed with the setting in mind. Its concentrated formulation implies that much less product has to be transported to the purpose of use and minimal packaging means less wastage. The formulation relies on silicones. These are derived from quartz and are used to fabricate all kinds of merchandise from medical devices to cosmetics and sealants.
Dryzone is water-based and accommodates no hydro-carbon solvents.